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Types of visas

What are the different types of visa


- All documents required need to be original and accompanied with a copy. In case the original document can not be provided, the copy of any document need to be certified by the Moroccan authorities concerned.

- The content of all documents need to be in Arabic, English or French. If it’s in Chinese, an official translation is required.

- The travel purpose mentioned in both of invitation letter and dispatching letter need to correspond to the type of visa applied for.


Documents common to all types of visas

- Visa Application form, carefully filled in with capital Latin characters and signed by the applicant.


The signature needs to be similar to the signature on the applicant’s passport.

- 2 pictures on white background (4 x 3 cm) Recent clearly showing the facial features;

- Copy of identity or residence card or equivalent document

- Passport valid: The validity of the passport or travel document must be greater than 90 days.

- 1 copy of your passport (pages showing identity and validity)

  1. 文件类型: .pdf Tourism Visa 
  2. 文件类型: .pdf Work Visa
  3. 文件类型: .pdf Business Visa
  4. 文件类型: .pdf Investor Visa
  5. 文件类型: .pdf Conference Visa
  6. 文件类型: .pdf Student, Training, researcher visa
  7. 文件类型: .pdf Family reunification Visa
  8. 文件类型: .pdf Journalist visa
  9. 文件类型: .pdf Visitor visa
  10. 文件类型: .pdf Medical Stay Visa
  11. 文件类型: .pdf Crew aircraf Visa
  12. 文件类型: .pdf Sailors Visa
  13. 文件类型: .pdf Technical assistance Visa
  14. 文件类型: .pdf  Culture or sport events Visa
  15. 文件类型: .pdf  Artistic events Visa
  16. 文件类型: .pdf Transit Visa