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Visa Steps

How to apply for the visa


A valid Chinese residence permit (not less than 6 months of validity) is mandatory for a foreigner to apply for a Morocco visa at the Visa Section. 


Visa Steps:

1/ Prepare all required documents according to your own situation.

2/ Make an appointment by e-mail :

3/ after the reply of our staff, please come to the Visa Office with your visa application form, documents required and your passport.

Your materials can be submitted by a representative. In this case, the representative has to provide:
• a signed letter of authorization with complete and correct information.
• The original and copy of his / her ID card
• Applications submitted by a representative without or with wrong letter of authorization will not be accepted.

4/ Submit your visa application to the Visa Section where the visa officer will check your application materials for completeness and give you a receipt.

- The visa section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco may in some cases request additional documentation if needed.
- Each applicant has to submit his own required documents and can not share any document with another applicant.
- Visa application forms not properly completed will be rejected.
- If materials are incomplete, your visa application will be rejected.
- Any visa applicant is free to ask a phone shop, a law firm or an individual to help fill out the form and complete the file. However, none of them can claim that the visa application shall receive preferential treatment.

5/ Pay the visa fees in the Visa Section

6/ Pick up the passport after your receive a phone call from the Visa Section informing

- The visa section do not mail the applicant’s passports, this kind of service is not available for the moment. .
- The visa section doesn’t give any information concerning ongoing cases.
- If you would like a representative to pick up your passport on your behalf, please make sure that he/she brings the following documents:
• a copy of your ID card
• Your receipt
• A letter of authorization from you
• The original and a copy of your representative’s ID card.
- A representative without or with wrong letter of authorization can not pick up your passport

Processing time for visa applications:

Deadline is about 10 working days since the day your visa materials are submitted to the visa office of the Embassy. No urgent service.