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Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector in Morocco has significant potential for growth due to:

•  An estimated wind potential of 25 000 MW, out of which nearly 6000 MW will be attainable by 2030

•  A solar potential due to 3 000 hours of sunshine a year and 5 KWh/m2/day of radiation

•  Significant potential hydropower for micro-hydropower turbines: more than 200 exploitable locations

•  A significant biomass potential

•  Highly developed energy transmission infrastructures:

♦  Morocco - Spain: 1 400 MW operational

♦  Morocco- Spain: 700 MW undergoing development

♦  Morocco- Algeria: 1 200 MW operational.

•  A legislative and institutional framework which contributes to the rapid implementation of renewable energy projects

•  Law 13-09, concerning renewable energy, offers real investment opportunities for the private sector regarding the production of electricity from renewable sources (without limits on power). The electricity produced can be supplied to the local market and/or exported through the national network and through interconnections, with the possibility of using direct lines for green energy exports.


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