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Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Sector

The agribusiness sector is a driving force of the Moroccan economy

•  Contributing: 29% of the industrial GDP, 20% of formal employment, and 15% of processed products, accounting for a production of more than 80 million MAD

Investments in agribusiness

•  Almost 16 billion MAD were invested in the sector between 2004 and 2008

•  Today it houses 29% of industrial businesses, employing over 90 000 people

The State has planned a number of initiatives with the launching of Maroc “Plan Vert” in order to benefit from its assets and to encourage investment...

•  Labour costs, agricultural raw materials, culinary and industrial tradition, logistical position

The “Plan Vert” is based on 5 initiatives:

•  A development plan for areas with high export potential

•  Development plans for the restructuring of the nation's basic food supply channels

•  A plan to support intermediary channels

•  A training program specially intended for the sector

•  A network of Agro poles