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Automobile Sector

Automobile Sector

The Moroccan automobile Sector

This Industry has remarkably developed on both fronts: suppliers and manufacturers.

The most important activities are: wiring, plastics processing, and textile industry, along with the integration of other fields offering strong added value treatment, embossing, and electronics.

Morocco has recently experienced the largest industrial discontinuity in Africa with the establishment of a Renault assembly site.

The Renault Project

•  An investment of 1 billion Euros

•  A production of 400 000 vehicles per year

•  The creation of 36 000 direct and indirect jobs

A regional hub

•  In addition to its strong industrial base, Morocco has positioned itself as a true regional hub, exporting locally assembled vehicles to Egypt, Tunisia, and Europe amongst others.

The potential impact of the automobile industry is estimated at

•  An additional 12 billion MAD in GDP

•  The creation of 70 000 jobs by 2015


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