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Aeronautic Sector

Aeronautic Sector


The Moroccan Aeronautics and Space sector has known remarkable growth:

•  It regroups different activities: production, services, maintenance and engineering

•  The number of companies settled in Morocco has increased in recent years, to date, there are approximately 100 businesses in the sector - nearly 70% of these companies are less than five years old

•  Prominent companies such as Boeing, Safran, Bombardier, and Eads Aviation are settled in Morocco

These businesses have showed:

•  A turnover of 8 Billion MAD in 2011

•  A workforce of nearly 8 500 employees and jobs constantly offering more added value

Why is the aeronautics sector attracting investors?

•  The State has adopted specific measures to turn the Aeronautics and Space sector in Morocco into an exceptional platform for targeted professions

•  The potential of these measures is estimated at an additional GDP of 4 billion MAD as well as the creation of 15 000 direct jobs by 2015


Ministry of Industry, Trade, and New Technologies:

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