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Textile and leather sector

Textile and leather sector

A strategic position

•  The sector represents 200 000 jobs - 40% of industrial jobs

•  It contributes to 27% of the production intended for export

•  It accounts for 13% of national GDP.

A fourfold global vision

•  A development plan for export markets

•  New configuration of the local industry through the implementation of incentive measures (Morocco's Offer)

•  The development of local business competitiveness through specific programmes

•   The enhancement of the sector's surrounding conditions Implementation of a promotion plan targeting 3 types of products

•  Fast fashion and ready-to-wear fashion

•  Jeans and sportswear (prioritizing the EU, especially Italy and Northern Europe)

•  Niche products for 3 new segments: lingerie, home textiles, and footwear (prioritizing the EU)

This strategy enables the local industry to strengthen its position in a very competitive international market and to move closer to its potential growth - estimated at an additional 1 billion MAD in GDP - and the creation of 32 000 new direct jobs by 2015.


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