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For over a decade, Morocco launched large-scale projects aimed at elevating its infrastructure to international standards:

•  Tanger-Med Port entered into service in 2007 with a total capacity of over 3 million containers (8 million in 2016), in addition to professional real estate of over 2000 hectares, complements the overall port infrastructure consisting of 11 ports meeting international standards.

•  The highway network is connecting the 10 biggest cities.

•  Thanks to an Open Sky policy, the 15 international airports in Morocco (largest airport hub in the region) are used by a multitude of international companies and are connected to major cities and economic platforms of world affairs.

•  A wide network of Economic Activities Zones (Integrated Industrial Platforms, free zones, clusters...)

•  Telecommunications infrastructure meets international standards. Three global operators (Fixed phone, mobile, Internet and data), the telecommunications sector in Morocco achieves every year an intense and sustained activity: 129% mobile penetration and 16 million Internet users (2013).