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Eight Reasons to Invest in Morocco

1.Morocco is among the most stable countries in the world. To put it down would be a lack of information on the reality of the country. The classification of Morocco in the 48th rank in the prestigious “Global Peace Index” comes to remind it... When a European retired man chooses Morocco to use his days it is better than all statistical indicators.

2.Morocco is more and more cosmopolitan traditionally opened country. The foreigners are more and more numerous to become established in Morocco. Religions are freely practiced in appropriate places of worship. His Majesty The king vouches for the respect for this historical understanding.

3. Morocco i s a state of freedom, democracy and law. Moroccans always tried to be in harmony with their partners and in compliance with international law. On internal plan, individual rights and freedom are protected by law. The business world is governed by a legislation which supervises all sectors and tries to regulate emerging areas.

4. Moroccan economy i s one of the most dynamic of the south of the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is a vast construction site consequently. All regions of Morocco live a development process with a supported rhythm. The north seems to be the engine of the process.

5. The offer of Morocco is opened. While Europe is nowadays more and more saturated, Morocco is presented as a background country appearing to be the relay or the natural extension. To invest in traditional areas as housing and tourism is certainly the guarantee of an immediate outcome, but it is towards new technologies that Morocco is orienting its future economy. In order to do so, it gives logistical and juridical means: managing free zones, establishing offshore zones highly equipped, highways, railways, TGV, facilities of communication, tax exemptions and lower wage expenses, subventions in appointment and in training, etc. All regions of Morocco devote themselves to a clever, firm and harmonious competition. Each of them try to draw her pin of the game of the incorporation of Morocco in worldwide economy by specializing more and more to give real opportunities of investment. Regional main cities begin obviously to be in a course to draw the new economic geography of the country: Tangier for the north, Fez for the oriental, Great Casablanca for the northwest, Marrakech for the centre and Laâyoune for the south.

6. Morocco is the African and Arab country which is, geographically and economically, closest to Europe. 14 Km only separate it from European Union. The plan of a link between Morocco and Spain via an underwater tunnel is already approved. Link will be operational in 2025. The accomplishment of the realization of this colossal plan will insert Morocco in fact into the European space. But already the air agreement “Open Sky”between Morocco and EU makes the European air incorporation of Morocco a reality. True air shuttles between Europe and Morocco are already set up. The European businessmen have, today, the possibility of going and of coming back from Morocco in the same day. Also, the mega harbour of Tanger-Med, a party of which has entered active from the summer 2008, will be able to receive the biggest Asiatic and American container ships. Morocco is becoming a dynamic platform of dispatching and a hub to Africa, Europe and America. The agreement on fisheries between Morocco and EU made Morocco a strategic partner to Europe. Finally, the extraordinary ascent of the activities of off shoring and the massive relocation in Morocco are transforming the country to an economic grafting in Europe in the purpose to seal their common destiny definitely.

7.Morocco is an opened country. This cultural specificity finds its origins in the entrails of its millennium history. It increases every day and takes, more and more, a tremendous dimension, due to a good reason: Moroccans are a mosaic society with confluents from Africa, Europe and Arab world. Those living abroad exceed the 3 millions today; among them some are sharing dual nationality. Cities like Marrakech and Casablanca became places of cultural mixing of people from all origins.

8. Morocco has a competitive hand working. The expense outbraves any competition in the region taking in account the quality of job and qualification. Moroccan engineers are trained in modern and high cursus as well as their European counterparts and very motivated as well. They are laureates of French, Canadian or Moroccan high schools. The Moroccan accountants are not in rest. They are trained on Napoleon's accounting plan and equipped with the same software packages as their European counterparts. As for the Moroccan bricklayers, they are true artists. They are never short of imagination.