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Embassy Sections

Political & cultural Section

The main priority of the embassy is to provide a connection be-tween the two governments, on political issues. The aim is to develop the closest possible understanding between the peoples of the two countries through the exchange of information and cultural matters. We provide also a wide range of issues about the country and its inhabitants: history, geography, training, science & technology environment, and social policy.

Defence Section

The section is headed by a Military, Navy and Air Attaché. The Section’s aim of enhancing bilateral defence relations.

Economy Trade & Investment Section

This section provides up-to-date information and analysis about economy and financial issues in Morocco. It is the official contact for free advice and assistance on all aspects of establishing Trade & Investment, market policies and business in Morocco, saving by the way time and expense.

Consular & Visa Section

§ Consular Section

The Consular & Visa Section consists of two sections. Section citizens who are living in or visiting China. A number of consular services are available, including issuing of passports, registration.

§ Visa Section

The Visa section provides service to other public requiring visas to travel to Morocco.